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Beyond the point of no return, City Lights, Danny Boy, How Great Thou art, Look at us, My prayer, The old rugged cross, Unchained Melody, Walking after Midnight, Titanic


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Mansion on the Hill, Start up, Beyond the point, ABBA Medley, What I really meant to say, Nervous Breackdown, Tell it like it used to be, Mac the Knife, Titanic, City Lights, Cant turn you loose, Rem Ride, Unchained Melody, Night Train, Through her eyes, Sticky Fingers.

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CD Sarah Jory-the 40th Anniversary

(Castle Road Records)

20 Tracks from 1989-2017



1.  City Lights

2. Mansion on the Hill

3. Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

4. Even a Fool

5. Nervous Breakdown

6. My heart will go on

7. Sticky Fingers

8. When you walk in the room

9. Take your Memory with you

10.Unchained Melody

11.Always the same in love

12.Amazing Grace

13.Need a Lover

14.Even Then

15.Closer and closer

16.ABBA Medley

New Tracks:

17.AJ's Reel

18.When you dance with me

19.Love you too much

20.Danny Boy



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