Blog, Sept. 2014:

Hello Everyone

I thought it was about time I wrote a few words here on the web site , to not only say hello but to also bring you all up to date with the SJ situation right now.
First of all a big thank you to Kurt for a doing a great job running the new site now , and I know you all love it by the feed back we are getting about it.
And also I would like to say a huge thank you for all the  help and support you have given me during my illness this year. For those of you who dont know , the
reason I have been quiet on the gigging front is because at the end of March this year , I was struck down with a Glandullar Virus and Blood poisoning , which
not only just about shut down my entire immune system but also my liver and kidney function , and left over 60 % of my blood infected too…….I have never felt
so ill in my life , and it completely knocked me off my feet , and although I am not entirely out of the woods yet and still having frequent hospital visits etc , this
last 3 weeks has seen me turn a huge corner , and I finally feel that there is light at the end of this very long tunnel . Its been an extremely tough time both
physically and mentally  , but my family , friends and my music work mates have been amazing and so supportive , especially when I have been to ill or too
weak to just get out of bed let alone get to and play a gig , but your words of comfort and encouragement have meant the world to me , and I know that the new
year 2015 will see me back out there doing what I love to do and what I feel I do best , making music. And if the last 6 months have really emphasized anything
to me , its that you truly dont know whats waiting for you around that next corner , so you really should try if you can , to make every single second count…..
Life is way to precious and way too short…………………………………………!!!!!
Lots of Love  Sarah xxxxxxxxxxx