Welcome to the official website of the World's Number One Female Pedal Steel Guitarist and vocalist Sarah Jory.

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I have been very proud to be a Peavey Endorsee now for over 15 Years, playing both their guitars and amps. They give me great performance time and time again, whether it be the Nashville 112 amps, the Jack Daniels Acoustics, or the powerslide. I never have to worry about their reliability gig after gig and thats what you need as a musician.

I feel totally honoured to have been given a full endorsement deal, with this fantastic company.

The quality and tone of their strings, on all of my instruments, is just unbelievable and without doubt, the best in the World.

It's great to be back and as part of the Mullen family, with my beautiful new G2. The support from all at Mullen is incredible and the build quality and sound is out of this World!

I endorse now the San Lorenzo Black lady lap steel guitars , so light in weight , but a massive heavy weight in the tone. Beautiful guitars and beautifully made.